Sudhir Gupta is the founder of Amtel Corporation, which since 1990 investing in the development of various sectors of the Russian economy and the world. To successful businesses Amtel include, in particular, the development of trading companies for the supply of rubber and electronic engineering in the Soviet Union, the creation of a leading Russian producer of juices and vodka products, the integration of the Russian tire plants and the creation on this basis of one of Europe's largest tire manufacturers. Mr. Gupta graduated from the Moscow Institute of friendship of peoples in 1983, studied Finance and management at the International Institute in Tokyo. 

He holds a degree of candidate of agricultural Sciences. In 2000, Mr. Gupta wins prestigious state award of the Russian Federation "Order of Friendship". In the same year he became Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ukraine in Singapore. In 2001 the decree of the President of Ukraine presented an award "For achievements" of III degree. In 2001, Mr. Gupta became a laureate of the International prize. Peter the Great for significant contribution to development of Russian industry.

Daniel Gupta graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2004. During his studies collaborated with a number of private equity funds. After graduation, Daniel returned to Russia, where they founded the development company Amtel Properties.

In Amtel Properties, Mr. Gupta is responsible for business development of the company, ongoing projects and acquisition of new promising areas.

Sudhir Gupta

The Chairman
of the Board of Directors

Daniel Gupta