Klin Logistics

Class A+ logistics complex is built in Klin (Moscow region) on the fasade of Leningradskoye highway. The premium location is determined by Moscow - Saint Petersburg route with traffic between two capitals, "betonka" circle (A 108) and a constructing speed highway Moscow - Saint Petersburg (M 11). The distance from MKAD is 65 km. The complex consists of 3 blocs. Working height is 12 m, column space is 12 x 24 m. There are 130 parking spaces and transforming dock shelters for TIR and light transport. Philips GreenUp lighting system alllows to achieve up to 88% energy savings. Advanced ventilation system is implemented for better climate control. There is also a canteen and accommodation facilities for staff and TIR drivers on the site.

Адрес (en):

Leningrad highway, Klin, Moscow region

Общая площадь (en):

56 000 sqm

Сроки реализации (en):


Контактное лицо (en):

Kirill Parnas, tel. +7 (965) 423-75-97,